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Update 2.0.12 @ NatLab, Eindhoven | Project: Sub Scalae

Jan 07, 2012

Line-up //

• Broet • Plaza Futura • Chris de Zeeuw • Cloud Collective • Florian de Visser – Animatorium • Ckoe • PixyBox (Racheal B) • Gunha3 • Mark van Meygaard • Michiel van Meygaard • Nienke Bosma • and more…

MIXED (electro, funk, ambient, hip-hop, dubstep, house, minimal, deep-techno)
• Robob • Lamot • ElChi • Kamiel Rongen • Nickotine • Tommie Frencken & Zef Felicien • Nadia Struiwigh • Ramb

ZODIAK COMMUNE (tekno, acid, acidtechno)
• Saint • Dilemma • Delucxed • D=p+cer vs. Bor

• Little J • El Greco • E.D.G.E.

• Erwin K. • Yeahs Chai Chill • Sterk Water



Update 2.0.12 – Attention for a culture that is constantly on the move

On the 7th of January 2012 – around the clock – you are invited to join Update 2.0.12; An event organized in one of the last untouched pieces of industrial heritage known in Eindhoven. Together with various artists and performers from Eindhoven, Dommelvallei, Zodiak Commune and Chris de Zeeuw will kick-off the new year in the basement of the monumental and old Philips Physics Laboratory-Natlab at Strijp S. 

Today, innovative initiatives, applications and views are created with great speed. And as soon as these developments are adopted, as quickly they disappear behind the horizon again, leaving a breadcrumb trail of meanwhile already obsolete views behind. What is the impact of all these progressive views on the evolution of our culture and how we define art? And, where are we now? To be able to somehow comprehend this, a variety of organizations and artists from Eindhoven will give you an update on the current status of the youth culture in Eindhoven.

Whether it is young experimental art, film or electronic music, during Update 2.0.12 various aspects of the youth culture in Eindhoven are being highlighted. And where better than in a nostalgic, yet intimate and raw industrial environment? On the 7th of January 2012, the Natlab is that environment. For one day and night, the future goal of Natlab 2.0 becomes reality, young people are being taken on a journey through an underground, inspiring breeding ground where the Eindhoven art and culture can unabashedly and freely grow and flourish in its various forms and tonalities. 

The former Philips physics laboratory at Strijp-S was once the nursery of the electronic music. At this location people like Dick Raaymakers were at the cradle of the first electronic music album and both the cassette and the CD player were first born. On the 7th of January 2012 – more than half a century later – the rich history of fundamental and free research is restored with Update 2.0.12; Just like the scientists in the 50s, artists and performers from Eindhoven each get a laboratory to experiment and exhibit with what they are currently engaged in or just are thrilled about.

Where the Natlab will undoubtedly find the paths of fame in the future again, the organizers will deviate from the beaten tracks already in search of adventure on the 7th of January 2012. Just let yourself be surprised by the diversity of the contemporary Eindhoven youth culture during Update 2.0.12, with exhibits, video documentaries, tasty dishes and electronic music that goes well beyond sectarianism.



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